Welcome to the 2024 Eagle Ridge Spring and Summer Series!

This series will have six tournaments taking place over a seven-month span with varying formats and setups, some coinciding with majors from the 2024 PGA Tour.

Each tournament will have a prize fund created from a portion of the green fees that will be paid out according to the top three net scores and closest-to-the-pin winners. Part of the prize fund includes a raffle, with the prize being a selected apparel item from the pro shop each month.

This series is open to all Eagle Ridge Nest Members, Eagle Ridge Rewards Members, and the general public who would like to participate. Rates will vary depending on your membership category.

Each tournament in this series is a separate sign-up and payment with no extended commitment for the entire series.

Green FeePrize FundTotal
General Public Rate$58$15$73
ER Rewards Member Rate$48$15$63
ER Nest Member Rate$0$15$15


General Rules

Must hole every putt out, outside of 1ft measurement, to keep pace of play.
Allowed to pick, clean, and replace on spot.
-If ground is under repair or the shot is obstructed due to player or course maintenance, one club length relief is allowed.
-At the end of the round score will be confirmed by partner and reported to clubhouse

  • Combination of individual stroke play and scramble formats
  • Monthly Event, March-September (July excluded due to 4th of July weekend and Men’s club tournaments)
  • Saturday afternoons, 1:00 shotgun for all golfers
  • Package Includes green fee, prize fund, and raffle fund
  • Official playing index per player, if the player does not have an index/handicap, a blind handicap will be applied and adjusted for the remainder of the series per USGA standards
  • 95% Handicap adjusted to course
  • Monthly signup and payment, no extended commitment